I, Superbiker V: Split Second (2015)

Sometimes the distance between glory and just competing is only a Split Second. When the modern day gladiators of motorsport lined up for the start of the British Superbike season in 2014, only one man would emerge victorious. Titles are won in a split second by a flash of bravery and guile; or lost in the blink of an eye by a moment of madness or misjudgement. Niall Mackenzie narrates the latest epic in the I Superbiker franchise as Split Second captures the fantastic spectacle and numbing heartache that is British Superbikes with riders living their life on the edge of either glory or losing their ride next season. Shakey Byrne, James Ellison, Tommy Bridewell and Josh Brookes star in this real-life version of Need For Speed. This must-see latest installment in the I Superbiker franchise was awarded 5 stars by Motor Cycle News.

Genre: Documentary




Duration: 95

Quality: HD


IMDb: 3.5